This is my first enduro.  What do I need to know?

What to bring:

  • Enduro bike with headlight, tail light, license plate and quiet exhaust (96 dB)
  • Odometer
  • Route sheet holder
  • Watch
  • Tape & scissors
  • Highlighter
  • Gas can(s)
  • Water & snacks
  • Entry fee
  • AMA card
  • Transponder (available for purchase)

What is a Restart Format? - A restart enduro consists of "tests" and "transfers". You will be timed in the tests and ride transfers to get from one test to the next. You should be at each given test at the time specified on your route sheet based upon your row assignment. You will be checked into each test which you will then race as fast as you can until the end of the test where you will be checked out (timed). Then you ride a transfer section to the next test and repeat.

What is Key Time? - This is the official start time of the enduro and the enduro schedule is set based upon this time. If you are on Row 1 you will set your watch 1 minute behind the key time. If key time is 10:00 and you are on Row 20 you would set your watch 20 min slow so that it shows 10:00 at the start of your row.

What is a Route Sheet? - A route sheet is your guide to the race. Each turn will be marked with the milage and time you should be there.  It will also indicate when and where you should reset your mileage.

What will my day be like? - Before you came you set up a LiveLaps account and pre-entered on LiveLaps. You arrive no later than 1 1/2 hours before key time. You unload your bike and head to tech inspection. Your bike is quiet and has a headlight and license plate mounted to the fender so you breeze through tech. Now that you passed tech inspection you move on to sign-up with your LiveLaps transponder, entry fee and AMA membership card. If you don't already have a transponder ACES will get you set up with one at sign-up. You're through sign-up and you pick up your row number decal (you drew row 10) and route sheet. You find the master clock and set your watch 10 minutes behind the master clock to match your row/minute 10.

You give your gas can(s), and maybe drinks & snacks, to your gas runner to have waiting for you along the route wherever you need it. You review the route sheet and highlight anything important (gas stops, gas available, resets, etc.) before cutting it and loading into your route sheet holder. You put your row number decal on the front of your bike, and make sure you have your transponder placed in the right spot. You're bike is ready, you're all geared up and ride to the start (the first in check) about 10 minutes early. Row 9 goes and your up next. One minute later your watch shows 10:00 and you are off!

You race the first test as fast as you can until you hit the out check where you stop to be scanned. You're scanned out and the check crew waves you on. Your watch shows 10:20. You check your route sheet and see that the next test starts at 10:40 - you have 20 minutes to make it to the next test. You ride the transfer section to Test 2 and arrive at 10:35. You have 5 minutes to rest until your row goes. You repeat this process throughout the day until the last test when you return back to the start.

Frequently Asked Questions